Jackie Talks Beer --- 杰克谈啤酒

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Do you know how to pour lager? -- 你知道怎么倒lager啤酒吗?

Does Size Make difference? 酒瓶的大小会影响啤酒的味道吗?

Does shape really make a difference? -- 杯子的形状和啤酒的味

Do you know how to pour wheat beer? - 你知道怎么倒小麦啤酒吗?

Why do foreigners say Chinese beer is like water? -- 老外为什么叫中国的啤酒watery beer?

Using blue food coloring to find out why Mimi has such great taste -- 用蓝色素测试为什么Mimi的品味那么敏感

does beer have feelings? 2 the result--

啤酒会认识文字吗?2 结果

does beer have feelings? --


the world's strongest beers! --


pairing beer with large intestine --


beer and whisky 啤酒和威士忌 -小艾和杰克